Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Street Photography

It is only a years ago that I started to do street photography: before that I photographed landscapes, buildings and objects. street photography can be meaningless, if the pictures don't have any graphic distinction. The photographers that have no experience in street photography can do it when they have a purpose and a reason for doing it.

Of course its meaning does not have to be social or narrative: as photography is a visual art, the meaning can be wholly graphic; or it might be psychological.

People not experienced in street photography think a telephoto lens will let you shoot unnoticed; but the trouble is that with, say, a 200mm lens you are so far away that you don't see what you see close up. sometimes the best thing you can do is to get close to your subject – this can be a little confronting but will produce powerful images

Taking street photographs is a great way to catch people in their natural element.

Finally, I cannot stress too strongly that for any street photography it is the composition, the graphic form of the frame, because this is what strikes the viewer the most strongly: The form is the primary factor and the content, or the concept, or the story the shot tells needs to be wedded to the form. Without excellence in composition, the content loses impact.

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